It is my goal to share information about the 16th century with anyone willing to listen. The more my friends and I have researched and constructed these garments the more we have discovered there are details in the construction that many do no know about. Also the ornamentation available to the upper classes varies more than any of us had originally thought. Please explore my articles as I discuss different treatments and items of clothing.

          Clothing is not my only love of this century. I enjoy the politics, history, and culture of this time.One of the subjects that fascinates me the most is how different regions and countries influence each other. Please indulge me as I examine cross cultural influences. Cooking and jewelry making are two other areas I moonlight in.

           It is not my goal to infringe on the protected properties (Trademark, Copyrights, etc) of any individual or group. Paintings and images provided here are done with the express purpose of educating the public. If by some mistake I have violated these laws, please contact me for removal of information.there in the world.

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