Thursday, August 13, 2015

Strawberry Hill Miniature of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn by Lucas Horenbout
Strawberry Hill ID: sh-000468
My newest Tudor project has been researching this portrait to reproduce it the image. Scholars have identified this as Anne Boleyn, from her time serving in the household of Catherine of Aragon. The gold frame now around the miniature identifying this miniature as Catherine was added in the 19th, century. This miniature also bares a good resemblance to Anne's commemorative medal which was struck in 1534, with a more fashion forward version of the English hood. This medal is now housed in the British Museum. Anne is known to have used her clothing to make political statements. During this period of history, people used their clothing to show alliances. Fashion was very political. Anne is famous today for her preferences for French fashions, manners, and politics. What is commonly overlooked or forgotten is that she was English first. Anne wanted to be seen as a virtuous, English Queen. To better fit this role for state appearances she could be seen in English fashions, unless she was trying to make a statement or flatter a foreign dignitary. I will be blogging about the progress on this gown as it is finished.

Lead Medal of Anne Boleyn as Queen of England, 1534
British Museum # M.9010
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