Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trunks are Unpacked

Being released from my oath of fealty in Atenveldt. February 2016
After a year hiatus I am back to blogging about what I love! Thank you all for the kind requests for updates on my Strawberry Hill miniature project. I have completed the gable hood needed for the outfit and will post updated Gable Hood research in the coming weeks.

In other exciting news I have moved across the country for work. While I have missed my friends and companions from the Tudor Project, I am happy to share my information with new people in Oklahoma and Texas. My promotion at work has lead to me cancelling some classes, but I have more in the works. Stay posted for more info on classes this winter through the local SCA branches in Oklahoma City.

Site token for the Fall Coronation in Ansteora.
The SCA groups here have been warm and I am making new friends who love 16th century clothing on a regular basis, but a small part of my heart will always stay in Atenveldt where I "grew up" for lack of a better term. It was hard to keep my composure  as I was release of my fealty oath in February of this year to the crown of Atenveldt. At the time HRM Casca said,"This day our kingdom is a little poorer..but wherever you are we know that the Dream will happen." as reported by the Virtual Herald. Today I was given the opportunity  to swear a new oath to my new kingdom. 

Goals for the upcoming months? Update you with the projects I have worked on through 2016, Re-cut some of my dress bodices to reflect the changes in my figure since starting this journey 7 years ago. Spend some serious time wrapping up projects before the end of the year to start 2017 with something fresh!

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